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[Decode VC] Sapna Shah, Investorflow, top 15 Canadian VC deals of 2016

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Investing in the Retail of the Future

Sapna Shah, Angel Investor, talks to AngelStory about fundraising tips, learning from startup failures, and how to spot trends in the startup eco-system

Many people in the startup ecosystem tell you that it’s true that you learn more from failure than from success, and I agree. I learned so much from the failure of my startup, most particularly and importantly, that it’s okay to fail. Our culture rewards success above all, so it can be hard to tell your family, your friends and your colleagues that you’ve had to shut down your business because it just wasn’t successful. It was personally wrenching. I hated those conversations and tried to avoid having them in the early days after we shut down the business. But as I started to talking to other entrepreneurs, friends and former colleagues, many had a failure story of their own, and had used that experience to be more successful in the future. And that was reassuring to me, and helped me come to terms with it.

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