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What Airbnb Has Discovered About Building A Lasting Brand

Fast Company recently got access to an internal study undertaken at Airbnb, which tries to quantify the impact that investing in brand-building can have on an enterprise. Precipitated by Airbnb chief marketing officer Jonathan Mildenhall—who previously was a top executive at Coca-Cola—the study’s underlying assumption is that the tech community does not understand and appreciate what brand strength delivers, and that by not leveraging that tool, Silicon Valley (for all its success) has left huge value unexploited.

Robert Safian sat down with Airbnb’s head of brand, Nancy King, and TWBA\Chiat\Day chief strategy officer Neil Barrie to discuss the internal study. An edited excerpt is below. You can find an abridged version of the study itself here.

Failing to Answer These 8 Questions Can Sink a Startup Data Science Team

If you’re establishing a data science team simply because its trendy or your investors asked, you’re setting your company up for across-the-board frustration. Building a good data team is a challenge anywhere, but there are some questions that startups in particular have to consider! Answer by Monica Rogati, Data Science advisor, Former VP of Data at Jawbone, LinkedIn Data Scientist, on Quora

This Unsuspecting European City Could Become Silicon Valley’s Biggest

Here’s why Barcelona is becoming a hotbed for startups, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

There’s no denying, Silicon Valley is the Mecca of all things start-up. It is, after all, the birthplace of venture capital, billion dollar unicorns, and sweatshirt-and-jeans-wearing millennial masterminds. In 2015 alone, over $27 billion in venture capital funding was pumped into the region, a staggering figure that dwarfs even the closest competitor ($7.3 billion, “Silicon Alley” in Manhattan).

And yet, while records are shattered daily and mind-boggling investment numbers are thrown into play, is Silicon Valley becoming a land reserved for the entrepreneurial elite? Has the Bay Area lost touch with its hustling, hard-working origins?

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