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[Decode AI] Is This AI or BS? / The Great AI Recruitment War / The mind in the machine

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Is This AI or BS? Artificial Intelligence Is All the Rage, but Sometimes It’s Just Hype – Adage

It seems like artificial intelligence is everywhere. No longer the stuff of Ridley Scott and Stanley Kubrick flicks, AI has rapidly wormed its way into everyday news coverage and real-world business conversations. Since last April alone, the amount of published articles, blog posts and multimedia content featuring the words “AI” or “Artificial Intelligence” has more than doubled, according to Factiva.

Talk of AI often centers around life-altering technological advancements such as driverless vehicles or genomic medicine. But the ad and marketing tech industry, always willing to capitalize on a trend, has joined in with a flood of new digital ad and marketing platforms and services branded as AI-fueled technologies.

The question is whether marketing AI is the real deal, or just marketing of its own.

The Great AI Recruitment War: Amazon Is On Top, And Apple Is Almost Nowhere ToBe Seen – Forbes

When Matt Zeiler finished his PhD in machine learning from New York University in 2013, the tech giants came scrambling.

While he was graduating, the young artificial intelligence researcher won the ImageNet competition, which pits teams against each other for who can get the best image recognition. His team beats outs giants like Google. His teammate, the NYU Professor Rob Fergus, was quickly picked up by Facebook, and the tech giants were hungry for Zeiler too. Google, where Zeiler had previously interned, offered him a position, but so did Microsoft, Apple and Facebook. A bidding war started.

The mind in the machine: Demis Hassabis on artificial intelligence – Financial Times

The co-founder of DeepMind explains how AI will help us make unimaginable leaps in understanding the world

[Decode AI] Artificial Intelligence Market Overview, How Companies Are Already Using AI…

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Artificial Intelligence Market Overview and Innovation Quadrant – Q1 2017

The following post highlights how Venture Scanner categorizes the Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup landscape, and presents our Innovation Quadrant showing how those categories compare to one another. The data for this post is through April 2017.

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